Mani & Pedi
Classic Manicure $20 & up
Spa Manicure $25 & up
Classic Pedicure $40 & up
Spa Pedicure $45 & up
Paraffin Treatment $15 & up

Mani & Pedi Combinations
Classic $55
Spa $65
Corrective $75


*We are very grateful for your appreciation and kindly ask gratuity to be paid separately by cash or check. Gratuity envelopes for each professional can be found at the front desk.

All of our manicures and pedicures are available in a variety of aromas and are enjoyed in our secluded quiet zone. Experience your pedicure in a comfortable, heated, and massaging recliner. This quiet zone is a great place if you would like to indulge in a book or simply close your eyes and relax.

Express: Your hands and/or feet will be soaked, your cuticles will be tamed, and your nails will be shaped, buffed to a shine, and polished in your choice of color. Express is a great service for your hands and feet between regular manicures and pedicures.

Classic: Your hands take a daily beating as you expose them to extreme water temperatures, harsh sun, and chemicals. Regular manicures and proper hand treatment are the best prevention for aging hands. This service starts with an invigorating hand scrub, hand soak, maintenance of your nails and cuticles, and a relaxing hand and wrist massage. Finish it off with a polish color of your choice. Your pedicure will start with an exfoliation polish to stimulate circulation and shed dull skin. Then close your eyes and soak your feet in the warm water of a jet tub, while luxuriating in a heated massage chair. This pedicure also includes toenail and cuticle maintenance, exfoliation of calluses and rough skin, and a relaxing foot and calve massage. Top it off with a color polish of your choice.

Spa: This manicure entails all the pampering of a classic manicure but also includes an aromatic mask treatment. The Spa pedicure offers all the pampering of a Classic pedicure but also includes a stimulating foot mask to stimulate circulation for tired feet. These mask treatments are designed to leave your skin feeling smooth and soft.

Corrective: This pediceutical pedicure uses Footlogics products. Footlogics is an innovative product line designed to provide effective care for a variety of skin and nail conditions affecting the foot—from simple dryness to more severe conditions that result from diabetes and fungus. Relax your feet in antifungal and callus-softening foot baths. Your feet will be exfoliated of dull skin, calluses, and rough skin. Your calves and feet will be massaged with the only non-occlusive foot lotion on the market. Top it off with nail maintenance and a polish color of your choice. This manicure/pedicure will leave your hands and feet smooth, silky, and soft without feeling greasy.