Expectations Salon & Spa
Master Stylist Senior Stylist Junior Stylist
Women's Cut $60 & up $40 & up $30 & up
Men's $30 & up $25 & up $19 & up
Kid's Cut (12 & under) $30 & up $17 & up $15 & up
Fringe / Beard / Neck Trim $10 & up $10 & up $10 & up

Shampoo Blow Out $30 & up
Flat Iron / Curling Iron $15 & up
Long Hairdressing $65 & up
Long Hairdressing Bridal $95 & up
Hair Extensions * Priced Upon Consultation

Shampoo & Style: Whether it’s for a weekly style or special occasion, a shampoo and style or roller set gets your day or night off to a great start.

Flat Ironing: Our Flat Ironing service will give your hair a sleek, shiny, smooth finish. Your hair will be glossy and will have an alluring swing.

Long Hairdressing: Our team of professional hair stylists will work with you to design your perfect updo. Whether you’re headed to a photo shoot or to a wedding, let our talented professionals create your one-of-a-kind “do” for that special event.

Hair Extensions: Add length, volume, and creative highlights. Our hair extension experts offer a complimentary consultation to determine what effect you want to achieve from the extensions. We will teach you how to maintain the beautiful appearance of your extensions, and will provide accurate pricing. We use individual silicon links with 100% human hair, from Cinderella Hair Extensions Company.


*We are very grateful for your appreciation and kindly ask gratuity to be paid separately by cash or check. Gratuity envelopes for each professional can be found at the front desk.

Color & Texture

Master Stylist Senior Stylist Junior Stylist
Single Process Color $70 & up $65 & up $60 & up
Cap Highlight $75 & up $70 & up $65 & up
Hairline Foil Highlight $55 & up $45 & up $35 & up
Partial Foil Highlight $80 & up $65 & up $55 & up
Full Foil Highlight $110 & up $85 & up $75 & up

$15 For each additional color

Corrective Color - $95 per hour

Conditioning Treatment $50 & up
Partial Texture Waves $100 & up
Texture Waves $150 & up
Texture Relaxer $225 & up
Texture Straightening $300 & up
Cezanne Keratin Treatment 6 weeks $150 & up
Cezanne Keratin Treatment 5 months $250 & up

Color Services: Expectations Salon & Spa combines artistry and the most current science of hair coloring to bring out the best in your hair, using custom coloring techniques that are always specifically designed for each client. Our color services include an array of techniques from foils to custom-formulated “potions” designed specifically for you.

Conditioning Treatment: Our deep Conditioning Treatment features a combination of high-quality ingredients. The treatment is designed to deeply penetrate the hair shaft, thus providing your hair with nutrition, nourishment, and fortifying molecules. This treatment repairs damaged hair by increasing the elasticity and rebuilding the strength, as well as bringing the shine back to the hair.

Permanent and Texture Waves: Permanent and Texture Waves add lift, bounce, and texture to your hair. Let our talented stylist design the perfect body, wave, or curl.

Texture Relaxer: Our Texture Relaxer service will calm down your wavy or curly hair so that it becomes less full, frizz-free, and more manageable.

Texture Straightening: Our Texture Straightening service will simplify your daily routine. Our permanent straightener renews, repairs, and revitalizes hair, giving it a softer, smoother, sleeker, pin-straight finish.

Cezanne Keratin Express Treatment: Experience smoother, straighter, more manageable and frizz-free hair quickly, easily and inexpensively without formaldehyde or other toxic ingredients and at a lower cost than traditional keratin treatments.

Using Cezanne Express with every color visit improves the health and appearance of the hair by infusing a rich proprietary blend of keratin, aloe, botanical extracts, vitamins and soybean oil.

Cezanne Express, a safe alternative that is quick, easy and a fraction of the cost of a full keratin treatment.

Works on all hair types and lasts up to 8 weeks on average.

Cezanne Permanent Keratin Treatment: Transform your frizzy, difficult, kinky, curly hair into soft, manageable, beautiful locks. Reduce your drying and styling time by client reported 33-50%. Enjoy no wait time to wash, color, workout or pull back with clips or a ponytail! You'll leave the salon looking fantastic with completely wearable hair.
Works on all hair types and lasts up to 5 months on average and is formaldehyde-free.

A Spa Hair Treatment is a Great Compliment to any Chemical Service or Haircut.

*We are very grateful for your appreciation and kindly ask gratuity to be paid separately by cash or check. Gratuity envelopes for each professional can be found at the front desk.

Brow $15
Lip $10
Chin $15
Side $15
Full Face $30 & up
Under Arm $35 & up
Half Arm $35 & up
Full Arm $50 & up
Half Leg $40 & up
Full Leg $60 & up
Back $50 & up
Chest $50 & up
Bikini $35 & up
Brazilian $75 & up

Hair Removal: Eliminate unwanted hair, whether you are male or female. Relax in our private skin care room and let our professionals take care of you.

Expectations Salon & Spa is a proud user of NuFree Nudesse. NuFree is an anti-microbial, soy-based, botanical hair removal system that is gentle and effective. NuFree has proved to be the best form of liquid epilation for over 30 years by aestheticians, dermatologists, and plastic surgeons. NuFree is a “no-wax, non-sugar” liquid product that joins with hair oils, not with skin.

Expectations Salon & Spa also offers hard-wax hair removal.

*We are very grateful for your appreciation and kindly ask gratuity to be paid separately by cash or check. Gratuity envelopes for each professional can be found at the front desk.

Makeup & Specialties

30 Minute Makeup Application $30 & up
60 Minute Makeup Application - with Lesson $60 & up
Brow Tints $15 & $25
Lash Tints $25 & up
Eye Lash Perm $65
Ear Piercing $30 & up

Makeup Application: Classic, sophisticated, or glamorous. Let our makeup artists create a beautiful look for your special occasion.

Makeup Lesson: The makeup professionals at Expectations Salon & Spa will help you to choose the makeup colors that enhance your facial features best. You will learn application procedures and get a chance to order the colors you would like to use at home.

Eyebrow and Eyelash Tinting: If your eyebrows or lashes are too dark, too light, or too grey, an eyebrow and/or eyelash tinting can change your eyebrows or eyelashes to the color you want. It’s a great way to accent your facial features.

Ear Piercing: The professionals at Expectations Salon & Spa make getting your ears pierced quick and painless. You will also leave with an at-home post-care regimen.

*We are very grateful for your appreciation and kindly ask gratuity to be paid separately by cash or check. Gratuity envelopes for each professional can be found at the front desk.

Skin Care

Refresh Facial (30 minutes) $60
Basic Facial (1 hour) $75 & up
Teen Facial (1 hour) $60
Gentleman Facial (1 hour) $75
Spa Facial (80 minutes) $100 & up
Back Facial (1 hour) $80
Anti-Aging Facial (90 minutes) $75
Advanced Skin Care Treatments Priced Upon Consultation


*We are very grateful for your appreciation and kindly ask gratuity to be paid separately by cash or check. Gratuity envelopes for each professional can be found at the front desk.

Refresh Facial: Enjoy this refreshing facial treatment that will leave your skin feeling rejuvenated. For your facial, we blend products customized for your skin type. Each facial includes cleansing, exfoliation, mask, massage, and moisturizing.

Basic Facial: Designed for your exact complexion, this facial is personalized from start to finish. You’ll experience a custom-blended deep-pore cleansing, exfoliation, and massage of the face, neck, and shoulders. This is followed by a therapeutic Bioelements mask, followed by a serum application, designed to correct specific problems.

Teen Facial: This treatment targets acne while thoroughly cleansing, purifying, and healing inflamed skin. During the treatment, the therapists teaches young adults how to create a better skin-care routine. This facial clarifies the skin through cleansing and exfoliates and hydrates the skin. A customized facial ends the experience.

Gentlemen Facial: This customized treatment, designed specifically for men, will help keep the skin looking young, healthy, and clear. Deep pore cleansing, exfoliation, and extraction of impurities help to leave the skin feeling fresh and renewed. Includes a relaxing massage of the face, neck and shoulders.

Spa Facial: The ultimate in relaxation, this facial is customized to your exact skin type. Your skin will be visibly renewed, brightened, soothed, nourished, and hydrated, leaving you with a remarkably vibrant and glowing complexion. Includes Massage of the face, neck, arms, hands, and feet, with hot towels compressed to relax tired, aching muscles.

Back Facial: Any treatment to benefit the face can benefit the back. Acne, clogged pores, or simple dryness can be treated. Deep cleansing, aromatherapy massage, steam with exfoliation and a finishing mask are included. What a great treat for such an overlooked area.

Anti-Aging Facial: This treatment is designed to firm, strengthen, smooth, and clarify skin. Appropriate for all skin types, concentrated glycolic acid provides maximum exfoliation, while a unique, patented blend of antioxidants and trace minerals dramatically improve the skin’s texture, tone, and appearance. This is the perfect treatment for targeting visible signs of aging.

Mani & Pedi

Mani & Pedi
Classic Manicure $20 & up
Spa Manicure $25 & up
Classic Pedicure $40 & up
Spa Pedicure $45 & up
Paraffin Treatment $15 & up

Mani & Pedi Combinations
Classic $55
Spa $65


*We are very grateful for your appreciation and kindly ask gratuity to be paid separately by cash or check. Gratuity envelopes for each professional can be found at the front desk.

All of our manicures and pedicures are available in a variety of aromas and are enjoyed in our secluded quiet zone. Experience your pedicure in a comfortable, heated, and massaging recliner. This quiet zone is a great place if you would like to indulge in a book or simply close your eyes and relax.

Express: Your hands and/or feet will be soaked, your cuticles will be tamed, and your nails will be shaped, buffed to a shine, and polished in your choice of color. Express is a great service for your hands and feet between regular manicures and pedicures.

Classic: Your hands take a daily beating as you expose them to extreme water temperatures, harsh sun, and chemicals. Regular manicures and proper hand treatment are the best prevention for aging hands. This service starts with an invigorating hand scrub, hand soak, maintenance of your nails and cuticles, and a relaxing hand and wrist massage. Finish it off with a polish color of your choice. Your pedicure will start with an exfoliation polish to stimulate circulation and shed dull skin. Then close your eyes and soak your feet in the warm water of a jet tub, while luxuriating in a heated massage chair. This pedicure also includes toenail and cuticle maintenance, exfoliation of calluses and rough skin, and a relaxing foot and calve massage. Top it off with a color polish of your choice.

Spa: This manicure entails all the pampering of a classic manicure but also includes an aromatic mask treatment. The Spa pedicure offers all the pampering of a Classic pedicure but also includes a stimulating foot mask to stimulate circulation for tired feet. These mask treatments are designed to leave your skin feeling smooth and soft.